Elastic Search workshop

Drupal Dev Days 2016

Drupal Dev Days is an annual conference where Drupal developers gather to discuss and present topics technically relevant to the international Drupal community. Less than a year after Drupal 8 was released, it’s being developed further during the event’s hosted sprints, devoted to squashing bugs, upgrading modules and complete development tasks. Drupal Dev Days was held June 21 to 26 in Milan Italy. Jack Over at the scene.

Everything set? Let's go! I left early after working on a project in the office to catch the plane to the Drupal Dev Days, in Milan, Italy. Next to the University I had booked a place to stay so I could just walk to the venue.

The next morning I picked up my badge and attended the ElasticSearch workshop given by Floretan. If you want to play with this for yourself, here is the repository for his workshop.

My first Drupal core patch review

As we use the migrate module which is in Drupal 8 core, I joined the sprint as part of the migrate team. It took some time but I eventually did a proper review for a patch for an issue which started at DrupalCon 2015 Barcelona.

If you're into the technical stuff this is what it was all about, if not you can skip to the Leonardo Da Vinci part, further below.

When you do a Drupal to Drupal migration and you are trying to migrate from the source without having the related module enabled in the source website, you will get an unclear error message. This might not be a big issue once you know about this. But when you are migrating and have forgotten about it or simply running into this issue for the first time, it could take you a while to figure out what is wrong. The patch I reviewed will post a clear error message. Instead of “Missing source provider” it will now say “The module <modulename> is not enabled in the source site.” Also a new test is written that loads it’s own database connection for running the test for that migration.


Along the way I learned about Dreditor. This is a really handy tool to review a patch on drupal.org. This tool lets you see the patches color coded in the browser! Also you can start a simpletest.me site with the patch so you don’t even have to set up a website to test the patch! It is available in chrome and can be downloaded here: https://dreditor.org/

Leonardo Da Vinci, The night at the museum

As the Drupal Dev Days continued I attended a lot more sessions, sprints and social events. More in depth posts on several of the topics will follow soon. One of the social events was a night at the Leonardo Da Vinci museum which was attended by 123 people!

To give you an idea of this splendid ‘working holiday’, take a look at these pictures

social walk


night at the museum queue

leonardo da vinci flying machine

Drupal Dev Days Milano 2016 was here

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